Why liberal media outlets will NEVER be honest about conservatives

Yes, that’s a bold claim but I’m not just saying that liberal media outlets won’t be honest because I don’t like them. Though that’s true, that’s not my reasoning. The reasoning for this bold claim goes much deeper and after you finish this article, you will – at the very least – understand the motives behind the biases of both sides of the aisle.

So let’s dive in.

To understand the underlying rivalry between the left and the right, it’s important to understand that in American politics – it’s a huge power play between Democrats and Republicans. Not only are they opposing sides with vastly different views on a variety of topics, it’s also an eternal tug-of-war over America itself.

If one side of the political spectrum is in office, the other side will do everything in its power to tear the other one down. This will happen on both sides – the difference is the level of extent.

For instance, when George W. Bush was president, the liberal media such as CNN, MSNBC, CBS etc showed a bias against the current administration. Why? Because he’s a Republican. The liberal media, which is essentially partnered with the Democratic party, was doing everything in its power to get the populace to view George W. Bush in a negative way. It’s irrelevant to my point whether or not their claims or stories were true. If there was something bad about President Bush, the liberal media would jump on it. If nothing bad was happening, they would start digging for bad things to happen. This was around 2001 to 2008, when social media wasn’t as much of a factor. Outreach was limited to television screens and virality didn’t exist.

Then in 2008, President Barack Obama got elected and the pendulum swung the other way. President Obama was a Democrat and liberal, so naturally the liberal media wanted to keep President Obama and other democrats in office by showing nothing but good things about Obama. All of his accomplishments and all of his work.

Fox News, on the other hand – which is a heavily conservative and Republican leaning news channel – would of course point out every flaw they could find on Obama. There wasn’t a Republican in office so Fox went to town with digging up all the dirt they could on Obama. That’s just how it works.

However, things have gotten even more extreme.

During Obama’s presidency between 2008 and 2016, social media and online news sources became more prominent. It was no longer confined to the programs on CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS but it was also BuzzFeed, Vox, Vice, NowThis and other online monstrosities which became enormous engines for liberal outreach. The Democratic side of the war had a massive following – and still does. So when far right conservatives protested Obama’s presidency, BuzzFeed, Vox, Vice, NowThis and others didn’t let you forget it.

This was of course the left’s attempt at painting the right as these intolerant racist bigoted horrible people – and in their defense, the pictures of Obama protesters very well do appear like that.

That’s when the left started to catch on to the idea of online virality. By shining the spotlight on individuals and groups that appeared racist and bigoted, it became easy to get their own side to dehumanize and dismiss someone just because of their political affiliation.

The liberal media has convinced its followers that ALL conservatives and Republicans are racist and intolerant.

Can you blame them? This is an excellent way to drive people to the polls. That’s how the left had artfully enacted Identity Politics. It sounds good. It looks good. When you buy into it, it’s almost hard to imagine life without it.

White privilege? Of course that’s a thing! Black Lives Matter? Of course we shouldn’t have cops killing unarmed innocent black people. Deportations? They should NEVER happen because only racist people want to kick out Mexicans.

See – these are the kinds of thoughts they have. This is the mindset that the left has instilled on its followers. They have actually convinced their followers that conservatives think like that. So if they think like that, then they’re not even worthy of debate! Just snub them out. Get rid of them. VOTE THEM OUT IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

Because after all, the Democratic and liberal side consists of the moral high ground. Conservatives are just bad people. Right?

They keep saying it because it’s been working – at least up until 2016.

See, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were running, the liberal media sided wholeheartedly with the Democratic party which went full force for Hillary Clinton. CNN, MSNBC, Univision, CBS, ABC, Vox, NowThis, OccupyDemocrats, Huffington Post, Vice – celebrity endorsement, commercials, hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign financing from donors across all outlets – the entire Democratic machine pulled every identity politics card, race card, gender card, privilege card and every other card they had in their multitude of hands was used to combat Donald Trump’s campaign. The Democratic machine did everything in it could to STAY IN POWER.

Check out – This is specifically why people are trusting the news and media less and less each day.

If you were to listen to the news – almost any news – it would have looked like Donald Trump was this incompetent buffoon who was en route to an embarrassing loss against an immensely qualified candidate, Hillary Clinton. It looked like a done deal.

So when Donald Trump won, the liberal media and Democratic machine had an absolute melt down. Why? Because after every single outlet they used, every string they pulled, every celebrity who endorsed – didn’t work.

The left was infuriated – and still is.

Now, the left is employing the same exact tactics they used to try to keep Trump out of office, to prevent him from winning a second term. In their defense, smear tactics seem like the logical choice simply because Donald Trump has an abrasive personality and speaks his mind, whether half the stuff he says makes sense or not. Every week there seems to be something new:

    • Trump’s Tax returns
    • The dossier
    • The memo
    • Russian hacks
    • Stormy Daniels
    • “Kids in cages”
    • “Trump is a puppet of Putin”

There’s even a video compilation essentially highlighting their failed attempts at bringing Trump down.

Keep these things going on the news that has millions upon millions of liberal followers, it becomes easy to round up massive groups for anti-Trump protests and rallies. It becomes easy to make it appear as if the entire country is against this “tyrant” of a President. Because of social media and viral outreach, the Democratic machine has been running in full force to de-legitimize the president, impeach the president, and at the very least, make him look bad.

That’s their mission.

This isn’t to say that the right wouldn’t behave the same way, but let’s face it – the Republican machine doesn’t have nearly the amount of media outreach as the Democratic machine. On cable news, there is Fox. There are a handful of conservative podcasts, radio shows, sites and YouTube channels, but that’s about it.

The Democrats have the upper hand when it comes to media outreach and coverage. They can make the most negative perspectives on conservatives become mainstream and seen and heard in front of millions of loyal eyes and ears.

So why won’t liberal media outlets ever be honest about conservatives? Because it wouldn’t serve the interests of the Democratic party. It wouldn’t help the Democratic party stay in power.

In this light, is any of this truly bad? Journalistically, yes of course but in general? That’s up for debate. At the very least, it makes it understandable and it clears up their intentions. There will be those who will read this article and think it’s completely full of shit. Other’s will read this article and consider the possibility that maybe there just might be a motive driving liberals and Democratic media outlets to cast negativity on conservatives outside of a simple difference in political opinion.

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