Walmart briefly sells “Impeach 45” shirts, then pulls them. What did they expect?

So Walmart briefly sold these “Impeach 45” shirts, jerseys and onesies. They look like regular sports jerseys but of course it’s referring to impeaching President Donald Trump.

Walmart is an extremely public store with customers ranging from all walks of life. You’ve been to a Walmart. You know what I’m talking about. Liberals, democrats and individuals on the left generally have all kinds of memorabilia regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump so they were not the individuals who had problems with Walmart selling these shirts. Who had a problem with it? Trump supporters.

So what was Walmart expecting? No backlash? In a society where Target is forced to pull their Baby Daddy father’s day card because of its questionably racist card cover, how could Walmart think they could get away with selling such a polarizing piece of apparel?

This isn’t necessarily a rhetorical question. Walmart most likely thought people wouldn’t lash out. Walmart – for the most part – is neutral on many political issues. They do a good job at not taking open positions on controversial topics so, in my opinion, Walmart selling these “Impeach 45” shirts was an honest misjudgment.

They saw how much hype there was about trashing Donald Trump that they thought it was a good business decision to sell these shirts. Who would have thought?

So naturally, conservatives and other Trump supporters threatened to boycott Walmart. Walmart simply didn’t see this worth the hassle because they really don’t care all that much about taking a position, that they caved quite quickly and pulled the shirts.Walmart like any other company needs to cater to its audience. If it doesn’t deliver, it won’t make money. Was it right for conservatives to threaten a boycott? Well, if it upset them enough, absolutely. It’s their right.

It’s also the right of liberals and leftists to boycott bakeries who refuse to bake wedding cakes for gay couples. Bakeries need to service their target if they want to make money. If not, they will lose money. – conservatives boycotting Walmart over the sale of a shirt is exactly how liberals should approach bakeries who don’t make gay wedding cakes. If you’re not happy with how they do business, simply don’t go to them and go elsewhere.​

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