This is specifically why people are trusting the news and media less and less each day

A collection of instances of blatant left wing bias in the media

Collection of evidence that the mainstream media is heavily biased

Want to know why people are trusting the news and media less every day? It’s because of the unrelenting bias that’s coming from the mainstream media and news outlets. Look, we understand that you can’t avoid bias because bias is everywhere on both sides. If you watch CNN, you’re hearing left wing bias. If you watch FOX, you’re watching right wing bias. However, there are moments in time where you start to realize that the bias on one side weighs heavier than the biases on the other.

Let’s think about this for a moment. During the presidential campaigns in 2015 and 2016, the left wing media did everything in its power to keep Donald Trump from being president. They failed, obviously. However, these same media outlets have – and will continue to – always cast conservatives, republicans and Donald Trump in a negative light, even if that means lying, going against their own previous claims or being straight up hypocritical.

This happens with right wing media outlets too, but right now – not nearly to the same extent. It’s not even close and you have to stand in awe.


Within a few month’s time, they completely changed their mind because Trump said it.

Well good for them for correcting themselves. Makes you wonder what made them say that in the first place.

Because when the left does it, it’s brave and heroic. When the right does the exact same thing, it’s manipulation and they’re taking advantage of it. Got it.

Before Trump is president, the Philly murder rate is increasing. Once Trump says it, it’s suddenly not.

A crowd size is a crowd size. Sure, Trump’s inaugural crowd size wasn’t as big as Obama’s but the Hillary rallies didn’t even compare.

One of Trump’s former administrators compares something to Hitler: BAD. CNN does the same exact thing and compares Trump to Hitler: GOOD.

Because it’s only racist when white people do it.

Electoral college is all fine and dandy as long as your preferred candidate wins. If not, then by God it’s full of white supremacy and racism. MAKE IT STOP!!

Look at the headline. Now back to the content. Now back to the headline. Now back to the comment. Predictably, the content negates the headline.

Trump simply isn’t the only person who lies about crowd sizes.

Same source. Same author. Same topic. One is about Melania, one is about Hillary. This is literally the definition of bias. You can’t get any more biased than this. It’s literally the SAME THING.

This is a typical one where the left will cherry pick a line and take it way out of context.

If you disregard the pepe frog and other memes, you can see where this is getting at. “Sources Say” without specifying the sources. “According to one source with knowledge” without specifying the sources. “A person familiar with his thinking say” … I mean seriously? This is journalism? What’s next – “According a dream I had last night…”


They seriously released this. Trump’s claim of “acid washing” was meant that she deleted all of her emails. His point was that she deleted all of her emails. Calling this false and correcting it by saying “she DID delete her emails, just not in the word for word specific way Trump said so therefore it’s FALSE” is laughable.

No it can’t be hacked. Are you kidding me? Of course it can’t be hacked! No way it could be hacked! Ever!

*Trump wins*

“Where’s the outrwage over Russia’s hack of the US elections?”

Timing sure is a bitch isn’t it?

This isn’t to say that children aren’t being separated from their parents in any capacity. Because of the Flores Agreement, this sort of thing has been happening for a while now, long before Trump became president. But children in CAGES? And then they show THIS?

This is only a small collection of snippets proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that bias was at play when these pieces were released. These are screen shots of real news stories. If you went through the entire collection and still come to the conclusion that the left isn’t going out of their way to paint their oppositions negatively, then perhaps your own bias runs deeper than the media’s.

I’m totally aware that there is bias on the right as well but let’s not forget that the left has consistently painted FOX News as conservative propaganda that lies to its listeners and therefore should just be disregarded. Yes, there are conservative biased news networks and organizations out there but to say that the bulk of the lies and deceit are on one side of the spectrum is simply wrong and must be pointed out.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/blackpigeonspeaks/posts/1863898900296818
Credit goes to Facebook Page Black Pigeon Speaks

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