Liberals actually believe that conservatives are against immigration and it’s hilarious

You hear it all the time. You hear “Conservatives hate immigrants! Conservatives hate brown people!” It will be shouted from the rooftops and met with cheers from their own side. It’s quite a phenomenon to behold.

Why are they convinced of this? Well if you’re a conservative, you already know the answer. It’s because generally, conservatives are against illegal immigration. To clarify (for the liberal brave enough to be reading this article), that means individuals who cross the border illegally – whether it be North or South – or individuals who overstay their visas and therefore have an undocumented status. Does this in any way mean ALL immigrants? Of course not.

The real question is, do liberals know this? Perhaps a better question would be – do liberals even care about this minor detail?

The answer of course is no and it’s hilarious. Why? Because liberals claim to be the side of logic and reason. They claim to have the moral high ground in literally every facet of life. So when you say “I’m against illegal immigration,” what they hear is, “I hate all immigrants.”

Protester acting as though their opposition doesn’t think undocumented immigrants are human beings.

In their minds, they literally hear “I hate all immigrants!” Well I mean, if you heard someone unironically say that, of course you would raise an eyebrow. You hate all immigrants? Legal ones? Why? Immediately, you’ll want to bring up the fact that these immigrants went through the legal process to become citizens, just like many of our ancestors – so there shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, if someone actually legitimately hated all immigrants regardless of legal status (and hate is an unnecessarily strong word) and that opinion happened to be coming from someone who identifies as conservative, every other conservative around them would come out of the woodwork and correct and/or fight against that bigoted point of view. Why? Because conservatives aren’t bigots.

Try to get liberals to wrap their minds around that concept. You might have an easier time convincing them of the difference between legal and illegal.

So where does this come from? Why do liberals think like that? There is a mindset at play here. This is the mindset of “Immigrants from countries with bad economies just want a better life for themselves and their families.” This is understandable and respectable. This is also the same reasoning that many legal immigrants come to the United States as well. However, in order to become a citizen, one must first acquire a working or school visa, then a green card and then citizenship. This process can take a lot of time – over ten years in some cases. So this is immediately backed up with, “That’s just too long for immigrants to wait!” Queue the Arms of and Angel music and they go for the emotional ploy. See, the problem with this is that yes, ten years is a long time to wait – but the ones who are coming in legally are already waiting in that line and have been the entire time. They’re doing it right. Would the ones still in line love to just skip ahead? Of course they would! The don’t though, and that’s what sets them apart from illegal immigrants.

Since “No human being is illegal” it apparently means that it’s totally fine for people to skip ahead of others in their pursuit of citizenship.

Herein lies the use of the term “illegal.” See? That’s a mean word. After all, how can any human being be illegal? You’ll hear that everywhere. When they start attacking the words you use instead of the argument you’re making, that’s when you know they’re losing ground. Of course, we know that they’re “illegal” immigrants because they’re here “illegally.” They’re presence on US soil is illegal because, well, they’re not documented and not being documented is illegal. Are they inherently bad people for being undocumented? No – unless they have committed crimes or hurt someone intentionally. They’re just here illegally. They’re trespassing. They may have good intentions for their families and we can all relate, but there are protocols in place to become documented – not even a citizen – just documented. So until you start that process, you’re here illegally.

Do conservatives hate immigrants? No. Do they hate illegal immigrants? No they don’t. They don’t hate illegal immigrants. They just support the process of law and think it’s unfair when people try to come in illegally. It’s not that complicated.

Liberals think the viewpoints of conservatives are so extreme because they themselves hold extreme viewpoints. If you don’t agree with a conservative on policies, you have a difference in opinion. If you don’t agree with a liberal, you’re morally deranged and a horrible person at the core. You’re racist. You’re bigoted. If a liberal were to grasp the concept of legal and illegal immigration, their arguments would stop because they’d realize there’s no actual bigotry or racism behind it.

But that doesn’t happen – at least not very often.

In general, liberals can’t grasp the concept of illegal and legal immigration so in their mind, you only disagree with their misinformed mindset because you are the racist bigot who hates anyone who doesn’t look like you – and that is hilarious.

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