Leftists want to “Abolish ICE”… seriously.

Liberals and leftists want to abolish ICE. What does that mean and why is that utterly ridiculous? Well, let’s dive into it. In order to understand what it is they want to abolish, we need to understand what ICE does.

ICE stands for Immigration Customs Enforcement. It’s basically a police force that deals with illegal immigration primarily along our borders. According to the site, they do the following:

  • Immigration enforcement
  • Investigating illegal movement of people and goods (human trafficking as well)
  • Preventing terrorism

So what’s wrong with any of those? According to liberals, they don’t think immigration should be enforced, investigating illegal movement of people and goods isn’t a priority and they simply disregard the preventative measures taken against potential terrorism.

What liberals and leftists see when they hear ICE is armed soldiers storming into helpless homes and ripping babies from their breastfeeding mothers and locking the babies up in a freezing cage. Why? Because f*ck em. They’re brown people and that’s what ICE is all about. ICE is all about hating brown people.

See, in a liberal’s mind, ICE is a terrorist organization. Seriously. A regular law enforcement agency that’s been around since 2003 when Bush was president is a terrorist organization according to the left.

Why do they think that? Well the answer is a little complicated because the motives for it go deep. ICE has been around since 2003 and hasn’t changed since its implementation. It’s main focus was to monitor and enforce laws surrounding our borders and the immigrants crossing them. Legal immigrants are good to go, illegal immigrants are dealt with the same way they’ve always been dealt with.

So what changed?

Donald Trump got elected. That’s what changed. The left has been relentlessly ripping into Donald Trump from day one trying to tear him down. Granted, Trump never lets a day go by where his verbal rhetoric doesn’t supply his opposition with plenty of ammunition. Everything you hear from the left regarding Donald Trump is an attempt to bring him down and ultimately out of office. First it was “Grab em by the p*ssy”, then his taxes, then the Russia investigation, then Stormy Daniels – all of their attempts fall flat on their face because there either isn’t sufficient evidence on which to act (Russia investigation) or people simply just don’t care (Stormy Daniels). So the left is just playing the next card in their deck and which one is it? Ah, they honed in on a new immigration policy that came out in April referred to as the Zero Tolerance policy put out by Jeff Sessions. It’s basically a crack down on regular immigration policy that now treats anyone who is here illegally as a criminal. One my wonder… wasn’t that happening anyway?

Well a part of that policy laid out here, there is the following:

[…] However, we are not sending children to jail with their parents.  The law requires that children who cannot be with their parents be placed in custody of the Department of Health and Human Services within 72 hours.

“The law requires” – see that phrase? The entire policy Jeff Sessions laid out referred to a law that was already on the books. This is in regards to the Flores Agreement which “prevents the government from keeping migrant children in detention for more than 20 days”. So when a family comes over illegally with their children and get caught, they are initially detained together. However, 20 days later because of the Flores Agreement – something that was set into motion in 2015 (before Trump) – children are to be taken out of detention. In other words, separated from their parents.

This was ALREADY the law and it was referred to in the very policy that liberals think they understand – but clearly didn’t.

So what does the left wing media do? They focus on THAT policy, then say that because of the Trump administration, children are being ripped from their parents. Therein lies the ignorance and everything dominoes from there.

Liberals – who will stop at nothing to take down Trump anyway – think Trump’s immigration policy is put into place specifically to rip children away from their parents. Trump oversees ICE as a government agency, therefore, liberals want to abolish ICE because in their narrow minds, ICE (under Trump’s administration of course) is solely responsible for the policies and laws involved in separating children from their families when they cross the border illegally.

Never mind the fact that crossing the border illegally outside a port of entry carries with it its own risk.

Never mind the fact that Trump signed an executive order saying that children will no longer be separated from their families when the families get caught.

Never mind the fact that there are gang members, drug smugglers and human traffickers who attempt to cross the border regularly who get stopped by ICE.

No – liberals want to completely get rid of ICE all together. It’s the equivalent to throwing a temper tantrum. It’s like a child who hates homework from school and tries to petition his teachers to cancel all homework forever.

Liberals and the left are missing the point entirely like usual and if they had their way and ICE was abolished, perhaps only then would they realize how wrong they’ve been. Fortunately, we don’t think like Bill Maher and hope for a calamity just to get our point across.

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