H. R. 6054 Bill “Unmasking of Antifa Act of 2018” and what it actually means

In June of 2018, there was a bill introduced in congress called the Unmasking of Antifa Act of 2018. The premise is that individuals who commit destruction of property while in disguise are now punishable with jail time.

That’s the gist of it.

However, a leftist will read this differently. A leftist will see a congressional bill referred to as the Unmasking of Antifa Act of 2018, see that it now has the capability of punishing members of Antifa with jail time – they will read this a an undeniable act of fascism. After all, according to the left, “Antifa” is short for Anti-Fascist. So that means if an organization calls itself “Anti-Fascist”, presumably they are against fascism. If a law comes out that specifically targets them then GASP we have fascism!

That’s how it looks to them. Of course, if you’re on the right – you’ll know full well that Antifa as an organization is delusional. In fact, there are petitions to categorize Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. A claim I support.

I just made two claims. I’m saying that Antifa is delusional and Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Allow me to defend both propositions.

Why Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization

Terrorism, by definition, is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Antifa aims to take down what they presume to be their adversary, fascism. In their minds, fascism is a real thing in America and they’re doing their part to “fight the good fight.” This is the same mentality used by Islamic extremist terrorist organizations – however, this isn’t my only piece of evidence. Far from it.

The tactics of Antifa generally consist of the destruction of property, rioting, violence and intimidation all while wearing disguises and masks – that’s the specific part that the H. R. 6054 Bill is attempting to combat. Because of their violent tendencies in their pursuit of a political aim, this makes them a terrorist organization. Sure they may not have killed anyone (yet), but a terrorist can still be a terrorist without a kill count. It all comes down to motive. By that extent, if a Muslim man kills a bunch of children, he isn’t automatically a terrorist because of his act. If he was actively pushing an agenda to spread a version of Islamic extremism, then yes, that makes him a terrorist. However, if he kills a bunch of children because of some disgruntled reason having nothing to do with religion or political views, he is not a terrorist – just a lone wolf even though he’s “Muslim.” I digress.

Since Antifa are committing their violent and destructive acts to push a political agenda in their home country of America, they are by definition domestic terrorists. With me so far? Great.

Why Antifa is delusional

Antifa is delusional simply because the opposition against whom they’re fighting simply doesn’t exist. Fascism doesn’t exist in America. They think it does – but it doesn’t. However, it goes a bit deeper than that.

The following is a quote directly from RefuseFascism.org, one of the official websites for the Antifa organization.

It can already be said of Trump/Pence that “first they came for” the Muslims, then the Mexicans, then all refugees, then women, then Black and Latino people, LGBTQ persons, the environment, and anyone who doesn’t conform or submit to their vision and plan for a nation cohered around white supremacy and a political form of Christian fundamentalism, that should rightly be called Christian Fascism.

Right off the bat, you should see where the delusion is. If you don’t, I’ll spell it out here.

The Trump administration is not “coming for” anyone. During the presidential campaign at one of Trump’s rallies, he called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going onObviously that doesn’t sound good but that – along with many sentences spoken by Donald Trump – didn’t quite stick.

It’s interesting that Donald Trump has always had a tendency of exaggerating and overspeaking about a subject, which is a characteristic very typical of Trump. If you have paid attention to Trump’s mannerisms, you’d realize that. However, the left will always take the most literal and extreme interpretation of whatever he says, then act on THAT instead.

Did the Trump administration shut down Muslim immigration? No. Did they have a Muslim ban? No. Did they ban travel from a few dangerous countries that happened to have a majority Muslim population? Yes. Are Muslims from other countries still able to come to America? Yes. So is this really a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States? No. See how that works?

So Muslims aren’t under attack. What about refugees? Well, refugees fall under the same umbrella category of illegal immigrants if they don’t go through the refugee program. Nothing has changed. There isn’t a threat there and never was even under the Trump administration.

Women. Antifa is firmly under the impression that women are under attack by the Trump/Pence “regime.” My question is how? How are they under attack? What – because abortion rights are on the line? Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s more to being a woman than having an abortion. See, Antifa and the far left are firmly under the impression that conservatives are ALL these far right religious zealots who would love nothing more to live an Amish lifestyle. No abortions, no birth control, no contraceptives, no sex-ed, women not working and staying in the kitchen. They are ACTUALLY under the impression that THIS is how their opposition thinks.

Black people. How are black people under attack in any way? This was never really answered.

Latino people. This misconception comes from the age old claim that Trump “called all Mexicans rapists and murderers.” Obviously this isn’t true. He was referring to the gang members and the violent illegal immigrants that cross the southern border. If one were to listen to any one of his hundreds of subsequent speeches, this would be crystal clear – but they don’t. They cherry pick.

LGBTQ persons. Again, I ask – how? How are they under attack? Trump is literally the most pro-gay rights republican president that has been elected. Ah but Antifa and the left are thoroughly under the impression that Mike Pence is in favor electroshock therapy for gay people. Right? You’ve heard that. The thing is, Mike Pence isn’t for electroshock therapy for gay people. Not even close. The myth came from a grossly misinterpreted reading of an excerpt from an earlier Mike Pence campaign website. All he said was that “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” Is this questionable? Sure. Does it imply electroshock therapy to convert gay people to straight? Not even close. Is this at all an attack on LGBTQ people? No.

Look, if they’re upset about gay marriages and gay wedding cakes, that’s fine. Be upset about that – but that’s not fascism by ANY stretch.

“… anyone who doesn’t conform or submit to their vision and plan for a nation cohered around white supremacy and a political form of Christian fundamentalism” – White supremacy. Antifa simply doesn’t know what white supremacy is. White supremacy or white supremacism is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other racesI’d challenge any Antifa member to start listing off the policies put forth by the Trump administration that specifically make it white supremacist.

Why Antifa should be unmasked

The bill H. R. 6054 aims to put a stop to the destructive actions of a delusional domestic terrorist group. They operate under a strong form of group think while disguised so they can cause as much havoc as they can without being caught.

You take off the mask – and they have nothing.

What makes them dangerous is the fact that they justify the violence against what they assume are their opponents because they themselves are the ones calling them fascists. They say they are against evil, they point at evil, then they attack – except they’re so delusional that they think that anyone slightly to the right of their ideology is evil, therefore they feel justified in their attacks.

Consider the following video by Steven Crowder and his team at Louder with Crowder as they went under cover to see the inner workings of Antifa.

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