DNA Results Show Elizabeth Warren 0.3% Native American at Most

Elizabeth Warren isn't really Native American, DNA Results Show

Elizabeth Warren had been scrutinized for claiming to be of Native American heritage. She made this claim initially based on her “high cheekbones” and her recipe submission to the Pow Wow Chow cookbook. When President Donald Trump would refer to her as Pocahontas to mock her alleged claim to Native American descent, he was of course scrutinized himself. “How dare he make such a racist slur!”

Donald Trump then offered her $1 Million to a charity of her choice if she takes a DNA test and it comes back proving that she is Native American.

Keep in mind, she had used her alleged Native American ancestry politically so she would have a tremendous amount to gain if she would prove that she had a substantial amount of Native American heritage.

Elizabeth Warren took the DNA test and here’s what it showed

Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test from 23 and Me and it came out that she in fact DID have Native American blood in her… ranging from 6 to 10 generations ago.

6 to 10 generations. In other words, hovering around her great great great great grandparents being Native American.

This means that she is at MOST 1/64 Native American and at LEAST 1/1,024 Native American. To put things into perspective, that places her between 1.56% and 0.00097% Native American.

That is diluted beyond anything that can be taken seriously. By this extent, one can take a 23 and Me test, pick any obscure ethnicity that shows up as a tiny trace amount less than 2% and try to use it for political gain.

No. Elizabeth Warren is NOT Native American!

We can of course safely conclude that the genetic significance of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage is null. Donald Trump should NOT pay Elizabeth Warren $1 Million. He should pay her 0.00097% of $1 Million which is $976.50.

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