Why People Don’t Accept The BLM Movement – It’s Not What You Think

To most liberals, democrats and leftists, Black Lives Matter simply means support for black people. It means that black people do not deserve to be shot unjustly by the police. It means equal rights for black people.

At face value, this sounds like a great idea. And it is! Just like at face value, feminism means equal rights for both men and women and anyone who argues against it, is obviously arguing against equal rights. Right?

This is the big disconnect between the left and the right when it comes to social issues like this. When people are against the Black Lives Matter movement, it isn’t because they are against black people. It isn’t because they’re racist and don’t care about black people. It’s because the evidence brought forth to support the cause of the Black Lives Matter movement, is lacking. Let me elaborate.

Black Lives Matter started gaining momentum around 2015 or so when a series of recorded incidents came about where police officers were shooting unarmed black people. Understanding that leftists typically seek out evidence that supports their claims and blocks out the rest, at face value these videos look like solid evidence that there is an actual racial problem in the police force. You watch enough of those videos, it quickly becomes easy to come to the conclusion that all cops are out to kill black people.

Proponents of the Black Lives Matter movement will typically dismiss the FBI statistics that show that other black people are the leading cause of black murders. They’ll also dismiss the statistic that despite making up 10% of the population, black people are responsible for a disproportionately larger percentage of crime and murders in the country. In a world without identity politics, that really doesn’t and shouldn’t matter – but here we are. This obviously isn’t to say that black people are all murders – because they’re not. No one is saying that – but if you disagree with the Black Lives Matter movement, you’ll appear like you’re saying that. You’ll appear like you don’t care about black people.

It dismisses the thousands of black people who disavow the Black Lives Matter movements themselves. Just like there are women who openly do not identify as feminists – because of how modern feminism has been corrupted – there are people of color who do not support the Black Lives Matter cause for the same reason.

Given the actions and methods of protest from the Black Lives Matter movement over the past couple of years, it’s not difficult to see that movement as a self-destructing mindless mob susceptible to group think. There are in fact noble and well-intending members of the Black Lives Matter movement, but it would do them no good to dismiss their opposition based solely on their position of the movement. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us,” is a very dangerous and arrogant outlook.

It’s a discussion to be had, and that’s a good thing. Actually talking to someone with an opposing view instead of assuming that they are some racist bigot from the get-go can actually be quite productive.

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