The College Liberal Mindset – Why They’re Set Up To Fail

The college liberal culture and mindset goes like this:

  • A child is taught at a young age that in order to succeed in life, you must go to college and get a degree. They are also told that they will get paid more and have an easier time finding a job when they graduate. Furthermore, they aren’t told that their choice in major matters the most. They are taught to “follow their dreams” – and they don’t apply that line of thought effectively enough.
  • That child grows up and goes to college. He majors in philosophy because it sound interesting, or he majors in gender studies because he wants to be progressive.
  • He graduates with hundreds of thousands in debt but wasn’t told that there were no jobs in the fields in which he majored. Therefore he is forced to work a minimum wage job to pay off the student loan and try to make a living.
  • Guess what? That minimum wage job isn’t enough to make a living, nor is it enough to make a dent in that student loan. He then fights and marches and protests for a $15 minimum wage because he’s not able to make it on his own.
  • Until then, he gets food stamps and EBT cards and government handouts because he’s unable to pay for anything himself. He then feels threatened by proposed legislation to cut down on these handouts.
  • He is dependent on handouts.
  • Slowly but surely, he starts to become deluded into thinking that socialism and communism are viable solutions to the economic crisis he personally put himself in. Then they vote accordingly.

The problem occurs when 18 year olds are taught that they HAVE to go to college preferably over a trade school. This isn’t to say that there aren’t benefits to going to college – because there are, but only if done correctly. Trade schools can give you skills that will guarantee a sustainable income well above minimum wage. College degrees in viable majors and STEM programs will guarantee sustainable incomes as well. Kids have to be taught that the world is a battle ground and that they need to be able to fend for themselves when they’re older, otherwise they will live their life believing that the government is responsible for taking care of them.

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