Protesters in the UK Fly Small Trump Baby Balloon and Literally Nothing Happens

On July 13th, Donald Trump paid a visit to the UK to discuss some international matters – but that’s not what this is all about. THIS is all about the massive “Trump Baby Balloon” that protesters flew in London.

It’s no secret that Trump has large groups of people who are simply not fans of his so they will protest his existence at any and every turn. This is expected. However – we’ve heard rumors of this legendary “Trump Baby” blimp that would be flown over the UK as a glorious slap in the face to Donald Trump himself.

The balloon appeared to be a caricature of Trump as a baby consisting of his signature yellow hair, tiny hands, facial expression, holding a phone in one tiny hand and wearing a diaper. How could Trump ever recover from such an insult?! Not only that, we saw the production of this “massive” blimp and we were thoroughly under the impression that this balloon would be a massive unavoidable behemoth of biblical proportions – something that Trump couldn’t avoid if he tried.

Instead what we got was a balloon that was no more than a few feet in height and floated maybe about 20 feet off the ground in a downtown alleyway between buildings. Your average kite from your local 99 cents store is capable of flying at least 50 to 70 feet in the air – just for reference

If that’s not disappointing enough, consider the fact that this protest was intended to be on par with the women’s march in numbers. There were expected to be tens of thousands of protesters shouting down the presence of Donald Trump. That’s not what we got – however that didn’t stop headlines from saying it anyway.

As you can see, the crowd of riveting protesters contains about the amount of people you’d expect at a Hillary rally or the amount of people you’d see in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland on a Wednesday.

Needless to say, the protest was all hype and nothing happened. It’s times like these where you’d actually prefer a few Antifa members in the group burning something down so there would AT LEAST be some entertainment – but instead we’re stuck glued to a screen staring at a small carnival balloon that deflated after two hours.

It’s doubtful that Donald Trump even noticed. Better luck next time!

UPDATE:¬†After a few hours, more protesters have gathered. Looks like they’ve stepped up their game a little bit. Good for them! I bet they really like they’re making a difference! You can’t see the Trump Baby balloon but it’s there.. probably.


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