Millennials are leaving in droves from the liberal left in the #WalkAway movement

What do you get when you have a political ideology based on looking for instances to play the victim card, race card, and gender card while relentlessly looking for instances of racism, sexism and social injustice which slowly transitions from peaceful rhetoric and debate into a more violent and abrasive wave of destructive protesters and rioters? You get the inevitable group of liberals who are fed up with what their platform has become.

You get the #WalkAway campaign.

The #WalkAway campaign is a movement based on former liberals, leftists and democrats coming out and walking away from their political party. Does that mean that they are now die hard conservatives and will vote republican for the next 40 years? Absolutely not – but it most certainly means a collective counter to the so-called “Blue Wave” that was supposed to be coming our way.

Let’s think about this. What has the left been propping up over the past couple of years? They are in favor of illegal immigration, abolishing ICE, socialism, banning guns, raising taxes and using minorities as pawns to garner votes and support among other things. See, if you’re black, you’re supposed to vote and think a certain way. If you don’t, you’re a race traitor or an ‘Uncle Tom.’ If you’re Hispanic and you’re conservative, you’re shunned and can’t speak your mind easily. If you’re lower on the alleged “privilege” hierarchy yet still hold conservative views – well you’re not supposed to be thinking that way! How dare you?!

The left used to be about freedom of thought, science, liberty and speech because there was a time where the religious right used to be the demanding thumb keeping every opposition down. It wasn’t any better then either and there have been corrections since then – but it’s been overshot. Overshot so much that the left has almost become a parody of itself.

Everything from Maxine Waters calling for the unrelenting harassment of the opposition to liberals calling for outright socialism to leftists calling for the abolition of ICE.

Then there is Hollywood and big media corporations that back liberalism and the left to such extents where celebrities can use profanity on live television against their political opposition and get standing ovations. Sure some of them may apologize after the fact, but that doesn’t negate it entirely does it?

Unless you listen to ONLY liberal media outlets (like CNN, MSNBC, BuzzFeed,  Occupy Democrats, The Other 98%, John Oliver, Bill Maher, NowThis etc.) they simply don’t shine the spotlight on the abrasive left – at least if they do, it’s not for very long. They’ll spend hours on Stormy Daniels coverage but will spend a couple minutes highlighting an aggressive leftist. They’ll of course condemn an aggressive leftist because it would do their outlet a disservice if they didn’t.

The video above is of course a dramatized compilation but it does show the extreme lengths that the left has gotten away with. With the extreme left behaving like this – it’s no wonder why more centrists or center left leaning individuals are choosing to disassociate themselves with this party.

The #WalkAway campaign started in late June 2018 and has been picking up speed and movement ever since. Millennials – a demographic who are expected to vote democrat and lean left because of the political bias of college campuses, schools and popular culture and media – are beginning to stand up to the left.

This isn’t easy. Far from it.

Why though?

It’s simple but disturbing. Conservatives look at liberals and see misinformed lunatics throwing temper tantrums. Liberals look at conservatives and see morally bad people. They see racists. They see sexists. They see bigots. To them, conservatives are downright evil people so if you have any conservative ideas or thoughts or agree with any conservative points (like maybe people should follow immigration laws), you’re seen as an evil reprehensible person and are shunned. Best case scenario, you may lose friends and family. Worst case scenario, NowThis gets a hold of you, publishes a blog post about you and then your inbox is flooded with death threats from radical leftists. Closeted conservatives can and have lost jobs simply because the liberals they work for think he or she is a morally reprehensible human being.

Not every liberal is an insane lunatic though – let’s make that clear. However, you can spot an insane lunatic liberal based on their reaction when you tell them that you’re conservative. If they start calling you racist, bigoted, sexist etc. immediately, you’re talking to a lunatic. If they start asking clarification questions to see what exactly you disagree on, you’re talking to a level headed liberal. Keep them around.

So with the #WalkAway movement, millennials are flocking away from the liberal left. With a kind of ‘safety in numbers’ feeling, they are feeling more emboldened to stand up and say, “Hey! We don’t support your tactics or your ideology and just because we don’t agree with you politically does not make me a bad person!”

If you are interested in joining the official #WalkAway Facebook Group, you can here.

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