Man Throws Drink at Trump Supporter Teenager and Steals MAGA Hat in Restaurant – IDENTIFIED

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s right here. It’s pretty self explanatory but I’ll explain it anyway.

A couple of teenage Trump supporters were sitting in a Whataburger in Texas on the 4th of July. One of them was apparently wearing a MAGA hat. An individual who wasn’t a huge fan of Donald Trump came up to them started verbally berating them about their support for President Trump. One of the teenagers decided to start recording right before the man took the other boy’s MAGA hat, said “[This is for] supporting the president,” then picked up the boys drink, threw the contents of it in his face then threw the cup at him. He then proceeded to walk off with the stolen MAGA hat yelling, “You ain’t supporting SH*T n*gga – b*tch ass mother f*cker – this is gonna go great on my f*cking fireplace b*tch,” referring to the MAGA hat.

Here’s the full clip:

So what does this mean? Is this representative of all people who feel negatively about our current administration? Of course not. Though leftists may be verbally violent and may consistently disregard the feelings of their opposition out of a blanket ignorance of their views or perspective, it is not too common that leftists lash out physically.

Leftists and far left liberals have a tendency to just be verbally abusive – which is fully within the realm of the first amendment, ironically on their part.

This was an exceptional case. This man lashed out physically at two teenagers who who were simply sitting in a restaurant wearing a MAGA hat. Unless there was a huge piece of the video clip missing (something we should never rule out in any case) there doesn’t appear to be any provocation on part of the teenagers wearing the hat – unless one considers simply wearing a hat to be provocation enough.

Wearing apparel that one feels offensive is an American right. We see it all the time – as well as instances on college campuses where communist flags and socialist apparel is brandished without a second thought by some more extreme leftists. Are communist flags offensive? Arguably yes. Communism was responsible for millions of deaths and should be regarded just as offensive as Nazi apparel. Does that mean it’s acceptable to physically lash out at these people? No. Of course not.

I strongly believe that there are many liberals who will watch the video above and comfortably distance themselves from the actions of that man who would claim to hold their same political beliefs and values. The video above is an exception, not the rule. However – it will not be unexpected for instances like this to be brushed under the rug or even defended.


UPDATE: According to a report from, the man in the video has been identified as Kino Jimenez. He has since been fired from his bartending job. More here.

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