Liberals today think their protests are equivalent to the Civil Rights movement

In the 1960s, liberals were responsible for the Civil Rights movement. Liberals were indeed the right and they had the best intentions – intentions that they thankfully pushed through until the goal was accomplished. Equality for all Americans of all races, predominantly African Americans.

Before the Civil Rights movement, there was open discrimination against blacks in the work force, housing and education. This wasn’t okay and it needed to change. For a country that was founded on the idea that “all men are created equal,” the fact that blacks were treated as subhuman was something that needed to be changed.

March after march, protest after protest, individuals gathered in the streets and made their voices crystal clear and heard. This was one of the greatest accomplishments of the liberal left in history – a feat that should never be forgotten.

That being said – let’s fast forward to 2018.

Blacks have all the rights whites have. Minorities have all of the same rights. Every citizen can vote regardless of race or ethnicity. Every citizen has an equal opportunity to housing, employment and education regardless of race. We’re living in a day and age where every American citizen is truly equal and has been for generations.

Since true equality has been here for generations, people today under 30 or so don’t know what it’s like to live in an era without true equality. So an interesting phenomenon has occurred – these millennials (the liberal ones) have this deep innate feeling that they must be the front runners of some huge social change, much like the liberals of the 1960s. That’s all well and good except for one big problem:

There aren’t any social problems today worth protesting even remotely close to that of the 1960s.

But they don’t know this, do they? I mean they might, but they sure don’t act like it. Almost every other week, there’s some other protest. They’re protesting for women’s rights still. They’re protesting for equality still. Why?

News flash, people – you don’t have to protest this stuff! This ties in very nicely with another article I have written regarding protests about delusional protesters.

See, they truly want to be a part of something larger like their more recent ancestors were. They want to be on the “right side of history” so they feel justified in “fighting the good fight” and essentially making stuff up to protest about. You can’t believe you still have to protest this crap? What crap are you protesting? Let’s see here:

  • Women have the right to vote
  • Minorities and non-whites have the right to vote
  • It’s illegal to discriminate based on race
  • Women can hold jobs and take part in the work force
  • Segregation is over
  • Jim Crowe is over
  • Same-sex marriage is legal

What exactly are these people protesting? The now annual “Women’s March” is a testament to just how big of a group these liberals and leftists can gather and protest stuff that they doesn’t even require protesting. They feel that their “rights” as women are being threatened because Trump threatened to de-fund Planned Parenthood. How on earth does de-funding Planned Parenthood in any way shape or form harm women’s rights? De-funding an organization in governmental terms simply means taking away the tax dollars allocated to it. Planned Parenthood still gets more than half of their income from charitable donations wholly apart from government subsidies. Take away the government subsidies and Planned Parenthood still exists. Women can still get abortions if they want to – which is what most of the claims regarding the “attack on women’s rights” are all about. So again, what rights of women are in Jeopardy?

You can’t actually ask that and expect a coherent answer. If you ask a liberal something like that, you’ll most likely be met with a response sounding like, “Yeah well Trump said he likes grabbing women by the pussy!”

This is how low they’ve sunk. They can’t even wrap their minds around the idea that America is pretty damn great the way it is. Sure we have problems but nothing compared to the social issues of the 1960s and earlier.

This is why things like the #WalkAway movement are picking up speed and momentum. People are realizing that liberals and leftists are on the extreme side of the spectrum now. They’re protesting things that have no definite end goal in ways that show no signs of stopping. One by one, people are realizing just how far gone the extreme left is – and they’ll want to distance themselves further and further.

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