Delusional protesters don’t even know what they’re protesting about

Yesterday on July 13th, London saw a somewhat sizeable turnout of protesters protesting the visit of President Donald Trump to the UK. While it should always be one’s exercise of their freedom of speech to protest – a right that should be protected no matter what – that doesn’t automatically grant legitimacy or credibility to the claim about which the participants are protesting.

Observe the following snapshots from protesters at the UK yesterday. Pay attention to some of the signs they are waving. Keep in mind that these are individuals who are dead set on the perspective that Trump is actually all of these things that they are protesting against.

“Fight Sexism”, “No to Trump – No to war”, “Fight Racism”. This is group think at its most general. You don’t have to like Donald Trump. You can despise him and that’s totally fine. There are many reasons to do so – however, it’s important to understand WHY you don’t like him especially if you’re putting the effort into protesting in a large crowd on a Friday.

If you ask a liberal or a leftist how Trump is racist or sexist, you’ll be met with an answer like, “Oh my God are you kidding me? Are you blind? How can you not see it?! Of course he’s racist! Of course he hates women!” If you corner them into providing actual examples, you’ll get them to cough up a few weak arguments like “He called Mexicans rapists” – which he never did, or “He bragged about assaulting women!” Which of course isn’t true.

In regards to the “Grab ’em by the pussy’ comment, in context he was saying that when you’re a celebrity, women let you do anything – which is consent. Scummy thing to say? Absolutely. But don’t let facts get in the way. Let’s see some more.

“Human rights have no borders.” What exactly does this mean? It’s a play on words, possibly about the wall that Trump wants to build at America’s southern border – but human rights? What is this guy referring to? Ah, he’s probably referring to the whole ‘throwing children in cages’ situation – which again, isn’t true.

There are a series of generic “#DumpTrump” and Trump hating signs – but that’s what you’d expect.

If you see in the back, there’s a small sign that says, “Viva the vulva!” … what? Why? What does that have to do with absolutely anything?

“Say no to Trump – World’s #1 racist.” World’s #1 racist – I mean it takes quite a lot of mental gymnastics to come to the conclusion that Trump is actually the most racist individual in the world. These people seem to be under the impression that having regulated immigration policies means you hate everyone coming in – which of course isn’t the case – yet you’d have your work cut out for you nicely if you try to convince any of these people simply that a) enforcing immigration laws isn’t racist because it applies to ALL people outside the country and b) no part of Trump’s policies target specifically non-whites or grant favor to one race over another.

Ah – so Trump is a Nazi. Again, calling Trump or anyone in his administration a “Nazi” is both innaccurate and a slap in the face to the victims of actual Nazis from the 40s – you know, the ones that murdered innocent people on a regular basis and took part in one of the biggest atrocities of human history – the holocaust.

Are they saying that Trump is committing a holocaust? Yeah I’ll bet they think that. They hear about the ‘children separated from parents’ situation that’s been happening since the Obama years and they think ‘concentration camp.’

“Ban guns not immigrants.” Two things – we have a second amendment so no, and we’re not banning immigrants. Never did, never will. Immigrants follow the law. Immigrants come in legally. There are absolutely no issues with immigrants.

If they understood what Trump was even saying – and you’d think they did considering how much they express disdain for the guy – they’d understand full well that Trump has always been in favor of immigrants coming in legally. The only issue has always been those that come in illegally. So what are you saying? Just let everyone in unchecked and unvetted and ban guns entirely? Gotcha.

“You want people out of your country, we want you our of ours.” – The only people he wants out of the United States are those who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place, such as undocumented people. This isn’t a hard concept to understand… but then again.

Look at it. Just look at it. You can’t reach a more pinnacle point of delusion. What’s even going on here? Drag queens protesting Trump, a dude(?) in red high heeled boots spread eagle in the foreground, a sign reading “DON’T GRAB PUSSY WITH BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!” with the “giant” Trump Baby balloon hovering in the background – seriously what point are they even making? If anyone has any idea, please comment on this article below because even me as the writer, I have no idea what point they’re making. At least all of the other protesters were attempting to make points – grossly mislead points – but points nonetheless. This is just insanity.

This just goes to show that you can have a group of a thousand people, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, five hundred thousand people chanting, screaming, yelling and waving signs and flags – and that doesn’t make their cause right or correct.

Delusion can afflict massive amounts of people and group think is a very real thing. It’s mob mentality. It’s things like this which are causing the #WalkAway movement – which consists of droves of ex-democrats and ex-liberals leaving their base because they’re seeing the insanity it has become. These are just your average Trump protesters – not even the violent ones such as Antifa.

So why are some people leaving the left and some aren’t? It might have something to do with the fact that people are trusting the media less and less. – but those who are still swallowing the bias, twists of truths or straight up untruths from the mainstream and/or left wing media simply don’t have any other choice but to believe whatever is showing up in their news feeds.

If all you hear day in and day out is that Trump is a Nazi, Trump hates immigrants and black people and women, that children are being thrown in cages, that everything in the Trump administration is evil in every conceivable way – you’ll start to believe it. If you start to firmly believe these things without question, protesting will sound like a damn good idea.

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