Millennial Red is all about millennials who do not conform to the leftist and liberal demographic in which we are so often categorized. Are you a millennial who has strayed from what the ideology from which the mainstream media had placed you? If you are, you probably have thoughts, feelings and ideas about current events and cultural norms that run contrary to liberal leftist blogs, news and media outlets.

Millennial Red is looking for writers and contributors.

Millennial Red started in July 2018 and is rapidly growing and receiving hits and viewership spanning from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and search engines inquiries.

Want to be a writer? This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your name into the sphere of political and cultural debate. Fill out the form below and you can publish your thoughts, ideas and insights on Millennial Red.

As of right now, there will be no monetary compensation for content contribution. Not yet – in time, we will be setting up a Patreon and pulling in some sponsors. Once Millennial Red gets income, contributors and authors will be compensated appropriately based on the views their articles receive per month.